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There are so many apps over PandaApp, what tool do you use to install them? Well Moborobo is a very handy to install and manage your apps on the PC side. Now here we want to officially introduce you how to install cracked apps - the IPA files with Moborobo.

Moborobo Moborobo
Moborobo aims to offer a simple way to sync and manage your device from your computer, just like iTunes does for iOS devices.

1. Download Moborobo: Download here.
2. You should have iTunes installed already in your computer. Download here.
3. You should jailbreak your iOS device.
4. Install 'Appsync' from Cydia which will got from jailrbreaking.
a. Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit > Add
Add the two sources
http://cydia.hackulo.us  or  http://www.sinfuliphonerepo.com

b. Search and install the following patches according to the iOS your iPhone running
"Appsync for OS 3.0"
"Appsync for OS 3.1"
"Appsync for OS 3.2"
"Appsync for OS 4.0"
"Appsync for OS 4.1"
"Appsync for OS 4.2"(New)
"Appsync for OS 5.0+"(New) Works for iOS 6.X too

Now you there are two ways to install apps

A. Install Apps in Moborobo directely.

1. Connect your device to your computer, Moborobo will be activated.

2. Press Apps section and find out PandaApp Resources area, and download the app you like.

You will find it have been downloading in Ongoing Task

3. When the app is completely downloaded, Moborobo will install it to your device directely.

B. Install IPA files downloaded from PandaApp’s website

If you have download apps directly from Pandaapp’s website, you can also use Moborobo to install the apps.

1. In the Apps section, stay in the Users Apps area, you can find the ‘Install’ option. Just click ‘Install’ and you can browse your computer, select the IPA files you have downloaded already, Moborobo will install it automatically.

2. Just throw the IPA file in the Uers Apps area, Moborobo will also install it automatically.

 Now you can enjoy your download life with the Moborobo tool.

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