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Despite the fact that Infinity Blade: Dungeons has been cancelled, it doesn’t look like Chair is done with the Infinity Blade series just yet. And this doesn’t come as a surprise considering the game surpassed $30 million in sales more than 18 months ago.

A LinkedIn profile from a Senior QA Tester points to the development of Infinity Blade 3 as discovered by Polygon.

“Chair Entertainment is developing Infinity Blade 3 for iOS, according to the LinkedIn profile of one of the developer’s senior quality assurance testers.

You can take a look at a screenshot from the profile in question below.

Just last month Chair’s creative director Donald Mustard teased that there was more to come in the Infinity Blade lineup “There’s more that we are Chair are totally planning to do with the Infinity Blade universe. More games, more books, maybe even other products. And we are very excited about that.”

As such it is likely Infinity Blade 3 really is in the works and it could even be demoed at Apple’s anticipated event in September/October to announce the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone, 5th generation iPad and maybe even the iPad Mini 2.

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