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1. PowerDown Enhancer - FREE

For those of you that see no real reason to power off your iOS devices, maybe you can put that power down slider to good use instead of never using it. Those of you with tethered jailbreaks will also be able to appreciate this free jailbreak tweak dubbed PowerDown Enhancer by iOS developer Aehmlo.

 As you can see from the set of illustrations above, PowerDown Enhancer changes the function of your power down slider to any of three different functions – ...

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2. NetworkKnowledge - $0.99

NetworkKnowledge is a new and simple jailbreak tweak by iOS developer rms that allows the user to view and manage a history of every Wi-Fi network the iOS device has ever connected to. The list comes with the ability to delete any of the Wi-Fi network names you want to, which can be useful for removing the history of networks you’ve used and protect your privacy. The best part about the tweak is that it’s integrated right into the Wi-Fi preferences pane.

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3. NCFullStatusBar - FREE

NCFullStatusBar is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows all status bar information to be displayed in the Notification Center on the iPad. When in full-screen applications such as ZombieSmash, all Status Bar information is hidden except for the time, which is in the middle of Notification Center when you pull it down. NCFullStatusBar allows the user to see things like the Wi-Fi strength and battery percentage from the Notification Center drop-down interface without needing to close the full-screen application to see the status bar.

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4. Monocle - FREE

Monocle is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Ryan Petrich that gives the user the ability to invoke full-screen application mode from within any application with an Activator action. It includes features for hiding and showing certain application elements and these features allow you to manage how much of the screen is dedicated to the application rather than the interface of the application such as navigation panes and tab panes.

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5. ChooseMyFunction - $1.50

ChooseMyFunction places an app icon on your homescreen, which can be assigned custom functions. Such as respring, turn off, safe mode.

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6. Nitrous - $0.99

Nitrous is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Joe Jordan. Nitrous brings the power of the Nitro JavaScript engine to third party applications like Facebook and Google Chrome so that they can perform at quicker speeds like Mobile Safari. The change is subtle, however it is noticeable. The extra performance can help you to gloat a little more when your speeds outdo your friends.

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