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Last week I played Shadow Fight 2 by chance, but to my surprise, this game is just to my appetite, for I'm a fan of fighting game.


Shadow Fight 2 is an iOS and android game, and I've played Shadow Fight 2 iOS version. This game includes RPG elements that make it more interesting. As we've both known, there are many ninja games on app store, but Shadow Fight 2 I think is a brand new ninja game and its ink painting style make it different from other games.

In this kind of fighting game, my goal is quite simple: fight against other ninjas, and become the number one fighter in ninja land.
Let's what the shadow fighter looks like!


This is a screenshot of Shadow Fight 2 opening title, there are many dead ninjas on the ground... This kind of ink painting and this heavy dark colors, make the battle look more disastrous. I think its opening title is awesome, and it’s the direct reason for my trying.


Then we get into the ninja fighters world, the old man in top right corner is your sensei. In your fighter journey, he will guide you to win. First we should get to know how to fight, the left button can control your movement, even you can use it to make your shadow fighter roll or jump and avoid attacks from other fighters. The “Footprint” button is to kick your enemy, you can use it with the move button to do some more difficult kick like back side kick. And the “Fist” button is of course to box your enemy! Unfortunately, I can’t make a direct video of this movement control, or you guys can understand it better.


Then sensei ordered our Shadow to fight against his first enemy – Kenji. It’s the first battle, so it’s not hard for me, it just let you get used to actual battles. A battle includes two rounds, and each round is about 100 seconds, you must beat your enemy in this short time, and be the first to win two rounds.


Then this battle’s over, ignore my winning data...The more perfect and combo you get, the more money you will get. And you may ask me, what’s the money used for? Let me show you next.


The money is used for upgrading the weapons or purchasing new armors or helmets, with powerful weapons and equipments, you’ll feel it more easy to win.


After equipping my Shadow, I have to go to the map as sensei orders. In the map, I will meet more difficult enemies and different game modes, but these won’t bring me down, coz all I want is still be the number one ninja.


There is something else I wanna say to newbies. In Shadow Fight 2, you have the maximum of five max energy bars at one time and with every fight it uses one point either win or lose. For new energy bars you can watch adverts within the game, else wait for it to come back after the allocated time.


Whenever you feel a level is too difficult you can switch to duel or the survival game types. Playing these can earn you more and more coins, which can be later used for upgrading the weapons or to purchase new armors or helmets. 

To earn gems you have to complete various achievements within the game. To view your current achievements, go to the main menu and select the 4th button and select the icon that looks like prize ribbon. This will show you your achievements and rewards you have earned and what you need to earn new achievements.


Even though the age of ninja is far away from us, but with Shadow Fight 2, I still can be a ninja myself. What this game impressed me most is not only the ink painting style of its scene, but also its fresh fighting mode. My suggestions to this game are that the hit feeling can be strengthened, and movements need to be enriched.

In brief, it’s a nice game worthy spending my time to play.

This game is available on Get Store and App Store now:

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