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We would like to recommend you latest update on Pandaapp everyday, to offer you a better searching experience. Games and apps are based on editor's honest choice, nothing about download number, or others.

New Game:

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth


Gamelion's twin-stick alien blaster Monster Shooter 2 is available right now. The big new feature in this sequel is co-op play. You and a friend can team up to lay waste to the swathes of cute cartoony enemies and pool your resources to kill more efficiently. The shooting itself is smooth and well balanced, with a lock-on function helping to counter the general inaccuracy of touchscreen controls. The bite-sized levels are quick and satisfyingly violent, and you earn XP as you murder your way through the game.

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth
In Monster Shooter, the 10 million times-downloaded smash hit, DumDum rescued his beloved kitty from the clutches of its octoped abductors and everything was peachy…for a while. Alas, those pesky extraterrestrials are back in Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth -- and this time, the entire planet is in danger!



RunBot is an endless runner where you guide a robot who declines to be a killing machine through a futuristic city for freedom. However, the road to freedom is doomed to be a tough journey. Aside from evading various lethal obstacles like laser towers, energy panels and land mines, you should also collect power cores to lower your energy consumption, and gather battery cells to increase your energy storage along the way. Run as fast as you can, and challenge your friends to see who can run further and get higher scores.

RunBot RunBot
A stunning 3-D infinite runner where you're RunBot, an advanced robotic weapon system. You've rejected your protocol as a killing machine and now you've made a brave dash for freedom – you won’t let laser towers, drone attacks, or obstacles slow you down!


Lightning Fighter 2

Lightning Fighter 2 is a 2D shoot 'em up arcade game for the iPhone and iPad done beautifully. The original Lightning Fighter got 10 thousands more downloads on Pandaapp. I think the sequel will be better.

Lightning Fighter 2 Lightning Fighter 2
Nobody knows why the aliens came to destroy us. But one thing is certain: their power is unmatched. Despite the brave resistance of the human race, the struggle was all in vain. Soon the aliens ravaged the earth and all we had was the last stronghold and one hope: a powerful core obtained from an alien battleship with the sacrifice of millions of soldiers. Installed with the alien core, Lightning, the prototype super fighter, is the only hope to save the world.


Blitz Block Robo

Eliminate is always a popular title. Fast paced and occasionally frantic, Blitz Block Robo is a pretty entertaining way to pass the time. It’s just unfortunate that it’s let down by an inaccurate control system that all too often slows the player down during a pivotal moment.

Blitz Block Robo Blitz Block Robo
Blitz Block Robo is an action puzzle game with a fresh new take on the typical match puzzler. Simple, yet challenging, control the game grid by sliding blocks, matching colors of any amount to earn points or chain together with special blocks for massive combos.


New Apps

Star Scales HD For Guitar

Learn to play guitar like a star with this music app. Each scale features fingering and note names in all positions on the fretboard, making it remarkably easy to master a specific pattern. Since each scale and all its patterns are taught one at a time, you won’t become overwhelmed. The app includes all blues, rock, and jazz guitar scales, zoom, a random scale pattern generator, and the ability to share scales via email or social networks.

Star Scales HD For Guitar Star Scales HD For Guitar
More than 110 000 downloads worldwide!!! We continue to celebrate Jimi Hendrix's 70th birthday anniversary with another great deal for you - SPECIAL dropped down PRICE.

Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool

Jamn is a music theory course for musicians who want to learn scales, chords, and more.

Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool Jamn – The musician’s multi-tool
Introducing Jamn2.2, the colour wheel for musicians. Jamn is an innovative way to write and learn about music: Say goodbye to your music books! Just spin the patented Jamn wheel to choose your key and tap on notes or chords to hear how they sound.


Turnplay - The #1 vinyl record player for iPad

Turn your iPad into a stunning vinyl turntable with this music player. You must first import songs from your library so Turnplay can turn them into virtual vinyl records. You can then shuffle or set them up in the queue, play them back at different speeds, and even scratch away to create your own sound. And, just like a real turntable, you can drag the arm to anywhere on the record to start playing music from that spot. The app includes two playback speeds, pitch control, and album art.

Turnplay - The #1 vinyl record player for iPad Turnplay - The #1 vinyl record player for iPad
The world's most popular vinyl turntable revived on iPad! ☆ Selected as one of Entertainment Weekly’s 10 BEST APPS OF THE YEAR 2012 ☆


Clash of Clans

 The latest update to Clash of Clans introduces a brand new unit simply called the Witch, which may be unlocked via the new Dark Barracks level 5 upgrade.

Clash of Clans Clash of Clans
Lead your clan to victory! Clash of Clans is an epic combat strategy game. Build your village, train your troops and battle with thousands of other players online!


Originally called AfterGlow, AfterLight was launched in early November 2012 as an app optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Now, nearly nine months later, the app has, at long last, been optimized for iPad as well.These include AfterLight’s impressive suite of 15 adjustment tools, aimed at enhancing images toward perfection: Clarify, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Exposure, Highlights, Shadows, Fade, Highlight Tone, Mid Tone, Shadow Tone, Temperature, Vignette, Grain, and Sharpening.

AfterLight AfterLight
AfterLight is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.
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