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NCSearch, developed by Meirtz, Suu, and BlueCocoa, is a free tweak that gives you quick access to Google, Baidu, Wikipedia, Bing, and TinEye straight from your Notification Center (NC).

After you’ve downloaded NCSearch and enabled it in your NC you’ll be able to use your favorite search engines without having to open Safari to do so.

When you open your Notification Center, just swipe your finger left/right on the search bar to bring up a different search engine.  You will notice that I stated there are 5 search engines, but only 4 search bars and thats because TinEye is used to do reverse image searches.

In order to use it, just find a picture you want to search, tap and hold on it until it gives you the option to copy it.  Once you copy it, just open your Notification Center and tap the blue bookmark button next to the search bar.  You’ll get the popup shown below. Then just tap “search”.

There is also an option in the settings to change which page has which search bar, but even after a respring I didn’t have any luck with it changing.  This doesn’t effect the way the tweak works or really put any type of hinderance on it, but hopefully it will be something fixed in an update. [UPDATE] This issue is now fixed with a recent update.

Watch the video walkthrough of this tweak below:

You can download NCSearch from the BigBoss repo for free.


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