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Many of us love karaoke, and do we must pay these money to sing along in the KTV? Maybe your iPhone can save the money and  why not bring karaoke into the palm of your hand with the best karaoke apps for iPhone. There are tons of karaoke iPhone apps to choose from; these five suggestions will help narrow your choice.

Something about perpetually embarrassing ourselves in front of our friends while singing to our favorite tunes is endearing. You won't come across many people that don't enjoy at least watching a good karaoke session take place, but most of us will join in the fun and perform (despite our complete and utter lack of vocal skill). In the past, for karaoke fun at home you had to buy a bulky karaoke machine and endless specially made CD's. Not anymore. You can find the same technology for your iPhone and have it with you everywhere you go. A karaoke party can break out at any moment with the best karaoke apps for iPhone. Browse through a roundup of 5 top karaoke iPhone apps.

1. Karaoke Anywhere

Karaoke Anywhere was designed for karaoke enthusiasts. It is packed with features and has the most comprehensive library of songs to download. With more than 40,000 tracks to choose from on the Karaoke Anywhere Song Store, you won't run out of new songs to sing. The app does come with one free track to get your library started. If that wasn't enough, you can import your existing MP3+G files into the app using Wi-Fi. Trying to improve your karaoke skills? Record your performances to playback later. The excellent interface and extensive song library makes Karaoke Anywhere the best karaoke app for iPhone.


Karaoke Anywhere - Free Karaoke Anywhere - Free
Karaoke Anywhere is the world's first and only fully featured iPhone karaoke application with a streaming library of over 10,000 songs!

2.Karaoke Now

How awesome is this app? It even allows you to import your personal song list on it and “digitizes” them into MIDI formats! Now THAT’S service for you!

Karaoke Now Karaoke Now
The Karaoke Player that lets you become a star anywhere you can take your device out. Share the experience with your family and friends.

Red Karaoke (Free)

Red Karaoke lets you sing in full screen with your own image, lyrics, and high resolution. You can record a video of yourself singing, add sound effects, and enlarge the font size for lyrics.

Red Karaoke (Free) Red Karaoke - Sing & Record
Sing and record your performance with audio and video with Red Karaoke, the best karaoke for your iPhone or iPad. Sing like a pro with , music controls, real time effects and voice monitoring to improve your voice to new levels.

Auto-Tune Star

Auto-Tune® Star includes the official, original and REAL Auto-Tune® technology, don't be fooled by imitations! Best selling music app in 40 countries!

Auto-Tune Star Auto-Tune Star
Auto-Tune® Star includes the official, original and REAL Auto-Tune® technology, don't be fooled by imitations! Best selling music app in 40 countries!

StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-Tune

The StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-Tune app allows you to sing, record, share, and even compete. Over 500 songs are included, and you can subscribe for extra song options.

StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-Tune StarMaker: Karaoke + Auto-Tune
Sing your way through your favorite songs to unlock more songs and game levels!

Glee Karaoke

Calling all Gleeks! The Glee Karaoke app lets you sing along to songs from the TV show. Your voice is automatically enhanced with pitch correction, harmonies, and reverb, so you may just want to share your performances on Facebook and Twitter.

Glee Karaoke Glee Karaoke
Did you know that Smule's karaoke app Sing! Karaoke has more songs (Glee and non-Glee), more social features, and more singers from all over the world? Download Sing! Karaoke today!

Soulo Karaoke

Built-in pitch enhancement and the option to make your own music video set the Soulo Karaoke app apart. There are built-in voice effects, too — Reverb, Echo, and Tone — to help you sound your best

Soulo Karaoke Soulo Karaoke
With your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad as your karaoke stage and studio, Soulo lets you sing your favorite songs, record your performances, and share them with your friends. Take karaoke with you wherever you go!

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