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Independent developer Cocky Culture has just announced their first iOS game, Zombie Mode.

"Its an action platform game where your character is trapped in a room becoming increasingly infested with zombies. If you survive the wave the doors open and you can venture into one of several other rooms or stay in the same room. Currently there are 16 rooms in total. Each time you enter a room one of three things happens, a "standard" wave which is just zombies, a "danger" wave which has additional dangers (this room has the spinning grandfather clock buzz saw), or a "boss" battle."

The game looke would be easy to play, you can take a look at their teaser trailer:

The developer said they are aiming to release it this fall, stay tuned if you are interested with this app.

You can enjoy zombie shooting at 500+ missions, 60 boss battles and 3 modes while upgrading your guns and utilizing various items, Shooting simulation and gun customization are also provided.


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