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I just come across a ridiculous game called Stick Run Mobile, and it’s totally addictive. It’s a endless runner which owns over 40 Million likes and 6 Million frequent users on Facebook, and it’s now firstly available for ios.

The control is very simple, tap on left side of the screen to slide, and tap right to jump. Run as far as you can to win experience, coins and get level up. Finish special missions to win extra coins. Sometimes you need to use both your hands to cross some tough barriers. Coins can be used to purchases items, those things just for graphics, the game is funny with or without the coins. Physical is great, I think that's thanks to it's good foundation from Facebook game.

It’s so stickman and ridiculous you know. It looks simple, but you can’t hit any barriers, or you will die very stickman, smash and bloody. Ha, it will hurt… Ya, as you can see, the game looks so loser… The graphic, the soundtrack, and they way the character dies, but it just so addictive.

What can make a loser happy? Simple, just find someone even loser. Ya, the game has a good ware of this. In real-time multiplayer mode, you battle with other 3 players in total. Who last longer, who wins. I think it’s the most fun part of the game. But there I found the only ’lose’ of the game. The connection is terrible, I always wait quite a while for a room. Luckily, it starts fast when all players are ready. And due to the connection, frames connect not very perfectly during real time gaming, but these are bearable. What shame is, you don’t stay in a room, you even can’t stay in multiplayer mode. Once you finished a round, you quite the mode immediately and just back to the main menu. That really sucks!

Overall, Stick Run Mobile is playable, great physic and 6 Million on Facebook are the best foundation for the mobile versions, but it still need some update to optimize for mobile devices. Hope the developer work hard for that.

Stick Run Mobile can be purchased from the App store for $1.99. Dying is easy, enjoy it.

Stick Run Mobile Stick Run Mobile
Over 40 Million likes and 6 Million frequent users on Facebook! The world's most successful endless runner – now available for your iOS device!


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