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Too sad, we are not lucky enough to watch Olympics all day long, but with your iDevices, you are not going to fall behind. Here are Six apps keep you catch every fresh details of the the London 2012 Olympic Game.

1. 5 London 2012: Official Join In App For The Olympic and Paralympic Games

The first item on our list will be most useful to those of us (not us) who will be attending the Olympic Games and events in person. The official join in app contains maps and schedules for each event.


2. Sports Illustrated Live From London 2012

Sports Illustrated (a magazine best known for swimsuits) has released two free preview issues from the Olympic Games. The photography is dynamic and the text reads well. One thing to watch out for with this app is that the resolution on the iPad is definitely not retina quality and the web connect content is clunkier than using a browser.

It’s also one of the more America-centric apps available (next to the Team USA app). If you’re primarily a fan of American athletes, you will love the profiles featured in Sports Illustrated. But if you are interested in following athletes from other countries, there won’t be a lot for you aside from the medal rankings and the occasional snapshot. This makes some sense, as Sports Illustrated is an American publication and American athletes would be the easiest for writers and journalists to get a hold of before the games.


3. Reuters Olympics London 2012

You know the old cliche: A picture is worth a thousands words. Reuter’s iPad app has some of the best free photography you will find for the Olympics, but they also include an infographics photo stream. How many words is a picture worth when it also has words on it? Who cares how much it’s worth? It’s FREE.

The infographics are a little gimmicky at times, but they float around with a nice 3D effect and are positioned by the iPhone or iPad’s accelerometer. It’s like you’re looking at the Olympics from the future… or from a sci-fi thriller were all computers display information in ridiculously big text.


4. London 2012: Official Results App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

If you don’t want the photographs, the articles, or even the videos, then you must want the official results app for the Olympics. The results app gives you just the facts of the cold and hard variety. Like the medal tables. If you’re on the go, you can keep tabs on the scores of ongoing games, which feature live score updates. Also of interest is a profile section that contains photographs and statistics for each country’s athletes.

This makes the results app a good companion while you’re watching a game and you want to have some inkling as to who is involved.


5. BBC Olympics

As fun as the Reuter’s app is, we both know that no static pictures will ever be better than watching the Olympic Games unfold in real-time. If you are lucky enough to live in the UK, you can download the official BBC Olympics app, which includes up to 24 live streams of the Summer Games. Unfortunately this app is entirely unavailable outside the UK.


6. NBC Olympics Live Extra

The alternative, if you want to watch the Olympics on your iPhone or iPad, depends on who snagged the rights in your corner of the globe. NBC is broadcasting the Olympics in the United States, while Canadians will be watching the Olympics stream through CTV’s app. Quality of coverage will vary depending on your location, but, hey, you should be able to watch the games without cable. Who can complain?


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