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Clash of Clans is a great port that gathers players around the world to play with each other, giving high degree of freedom for players to control. Players has to build clans and fight against others around world with high-trained troops in the world of Clash of Clans. Continually Improve strength by upgrading the equipment is the most important. Here to introduce some experience about the cases that newbie will definitely encounter.


How to avoid being attacked?
In reality, no one can avoid being attacked completely, but you can try to reduce frequency of being attacked. Once the defense system does not work and the clan is destroyed, the player will get 12 hours’ protection, and 16 hours if home is damaged seriously. Hurry up! During this period make full use of time, Gold, Elixir and everything held in hand to rebuild home and develop strength. I highly recommend you stay online, cos you won’t be besieged as none player can search for you. So keep online, otherwise you may receive messages constantly warning you of your home is under attack.


Where to get Gold and Elixir?
Click the mini map at the lower left quarter, a picture shown with two parts, one is to spend Gold to search for opponent, and the other is PvE mode, you can try these two by sending out troops to loot resources. There isn’t time-limit in PvE, and before sending out troops you have enough time to check whether you are capable of passing the checkpoint. Though, you may get more Gold in online mode than solo mode, attacking other real players won’t be that lucky because three-minute time restriction, you must dope out best method to steal their Gold and Elixir. And once you win, more trophies you will get, that means, you are going to be assaulted by players with higher level and trophies.

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Clash of Clans

What need mainly protect?
Before the headquarter upgrades to level five, place buildings wherever you like is ok, for standing the attack is not that easy. So stretch imagination and think out a layout that can  prevent relatively more Barbarians. When a player attacks you and destroys over your 50% buildings, that player would be rewarded with trophy. Of course, it’s grabbed from you. If you want to protect Gold, it’s no use to protect trophy. So put headquarter at the outer most is the fastest way to raze your fundamentals to the ground, and you’ll get 12 hours’ protection. It’s said till the headquarter upgrades to level 8 or level 9, the clan isn’t being destroyed over 50% during a long period of time, the player will get corresponding incentives.

Before you get to sleep, you'd better spend Gold to level up the wall around, create Barbarian and place bombs among the clan everywhere until we cannot add them anymore, or else, you are likely to get a sneak attack from players of the other side of the earth. Buying bombs needs Elixir, but you can get them 100% back when you are online again. For example, bombs already occupy the camp and won’t be produced for inefficient Elixir, and you click cancel to get back them.

clash of clans

That’s a part of tips what I would like to share with all newbies. More guide and gameplay will be shared soon. Stay tuned! Don’t be afraid, check out the tips above and send out troops to battle with other players. Enjoy the funny of Clash of Clans. Don't be shy to tell which level your are in and your tips while playing. Feel free to share your ideas here, Chief!

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