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Japanese video game giant SQUARE ENIX have released a new vampire title, Bloodmasque. Player become vampire hunter, and searching the streets of Paris in an attempt to eradicate hoards of the undead using an array of powerful weapons.


"Bloodmasque may not be a perfect game, but its fast combat, (mostly) appropriately-priced upgrades, and minimally-intrusive social networking all mesh together to create a tasty action game for any wannabe vampire hunter. " --- Arcade Sushi 8/10

"The option to add a custom photo face to the main character in BLOODMASQUE is a total gimmick, but the game said gimmick is attached to is actually pretty cool." --- 148Apps 4/5

"The novelty of uploading your face into Bloodmasque is a lot of fun, but the enjoyment wears thin due to unreliable controls and repetitive action.

Positives Seeing your face in the game is amusing. Story is well paced. RPG elements keep you engaged.
Negatives Battles grow repetitive and boring. Requires constant Internet connection. Inputs are often missed or misinterpreted. " --- MacLife 2.5/5

"Bloodmasque is a truly odd mish-mash of swipe-based action, social, and JRPG elements, but only its historical vampire lore is executed with any great conviction." --- Pocket Gamer 5/10

One interesting feature of the game is, you can take a picture of your own face and upload it as the face of your playable character. Be forewarned, though, if you take your picture in poor lighting or from a weird angle the results won’t be pretty. They’ll be even less pretty if you decide, as we did, to take a picture of your cat, and also your Predator figure, and try that out as your avatar.

Bloodmasque is now available on Pandaapp's download page, game size 6.6 MB. Still fast download costs one gold, you can take part in the giveaway in the comment section to win some free gold in case you need gold.

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In BLOODMASQUE, players take the role of hunters in vampire-ruled Paris during the late 19th century. As the dark night looms for mankind, hunters must fight the vampires' insidious oppression and thwart their dark designs.

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