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Chrome Downloader Plus is a recently released jailbreak tweak for users of Google Chrome. It combines your typical browser downloader tweak with a tweak that allows you to download YouTube videos as well. It’s basically a combination of two tweaks, and it allows you to import things like YouTube videos directly into your media libraries. Have a look at our video walkthrough after the jump

Chrome Downloader Plus is an upgrade to the original Chrome Downloader, and it contains a brand new UI redesign. The tweak, when compared to its predecessor, looks much sleeker, and matches the style of the stock Google Chrome app well.

Once downloads are complete, they’ll be stored under one of two sections: Downloads or YouTube. Obviously, normal downloads will be stored under the downloads section, and this includes things like zip files, mp3s, etc. The YouTube section, which resides right next to the Download section, will contain only YouTube downloads. You can use the “open in” feature to open the download in various supported apps, and with YouTube downloads, you can play and import the video or audio into your library courtesy of the built in gremlin support.

While initiating regular downloads is a fairly straightforward affair, the approach is a bit different when interfacing with YouTube videos. YouTube video downloads require you to be on the video page for the YouTube item you wish to download. Once there, you’ll notice a small nub at the bottom of the screen. This nub must be pulled up towards the top of the screen to expose the various resolution buttons available for the video download. This system works, but if you have a tweak like Zephyr installed, expect it to conflict and be difficult to use.

As far as options go, you’ll notice quite a few of them in the preference panel for Chrome Downloader Plus. At the top of the preferences, you’ll find a kill switch labeled “Download Files”. Beneath the kill switch, you’ll find a separate toggle for YouTube Downloads along with Autoplay. The File Types option allows you to designate what type of files that Chrome Downloader Plus will work with. Don’t worry, there’s an abundance of supported file types included out of the box, so you shouldn’t have to tinker with this setting much unless you want to stop certain files from being downloaded. Lastly, you’ll notice an option for Max Concurrent Downloads, and a setting for receiving a notification once a download successfully completes and Chrome is running in the background.

While Chrome Downloader Plus worked fairly well during my testing with the tweak, I did notice that it hiccuped once or twice while attempting to start a YouTube download. It’s hard to discern whether or not this was an issue with Chrome Downloader Plus, or with YouTube in general. At any rate, it certainly isn’t a make or break issue for the tweak.

Chrome Downloader Plus can be had for $3 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.  If you own Chrome Downloader already, Chrome Download Plus is available to you at a discounted upgrade price of $1.50.

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