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You run until you die - the concept of an endless runner is so simple. Endless running is one of the most prolific and popular title on iOS platform. Some iOS games couldn't be more classic are all endless running mode, such like Temple Run serie, Doodle Jump serie, and Tiny Wings serie. This collection is going to show you most popular endless running games recently on iOS platform.

1. Madcoaster

Who hasn't experienced the sheer terror and exhilaration of a roller coaster? This app will not give you that level of rush, but is still an enjoyable ride. It's not special, but it's fun.Description


Please keep arms and legs inside the car at all times...

 Get ready for the roller coaster ride of your life with MadCoaster. Speed through various environments, collecting coins along the way as you try to beat your latest high score!

 Jump from platform to platform as you rocket through a crazy collection of zones. Go Orca watching in the arctic zone, take a tropical rainforest tour and much more!

 Try not to get too distracted by all those golden coins, colorful creatures and crazy jumps. You will have to decide when the best times to dodge the animals, and when you need to smash them out of the way!

 Complete objectives as you rack up those high scores to upgrade your coaster. The more objectives you complete, the more points you will score! Collect incredible power-ups from high speed boosts to coin magnets, there's even a jetpack!


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