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Jailbreak apps and tweaks alway enable sweet features ahead of official iOS firmware. And they always be absorb by Apple when a new iOS firmware releases. That's one important reason that jailbreakers have their device jailbroken. This is a best recommended jailbreak apps and tweaks list for the week.

1. LockWeb - $2

LockWeb provides a bit of a strange, but equally awesome, way to experience the web on your iPad (support coming to iPod & iPhone soon). Once you download the tweak off Cydia, your lockscreen will magically turn into a fully functional web browser. It also has various features that you’d expect from a web browser, such as source code viewing or webpage link copying.

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2. CallTap - FREE

A new free jailbreak tweak called CallTap is now live on Cydia and it allows you to perform tap-based gestures on the names of your contacts from the list of contacts in the Contacts application and it can save a lot of time. As shown above, performing a tap-based gesture on a contact’s name will bring up a prompt asking you what you’d like to do. Additionally, the tweak adds a new, blue detail button to the side of the contact’s name.

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3. Plan B - $1.00

iOS has a very good passcode system. You simply need to set a passcode and it’s usually enough to keep almost anyone with your iPhone in their hand out of your personal information. Unfortunately, it’s so good that it’s also secure against a person that forgets their own passcode, which ultimately leads to complications down the line. Luckily there is a jailbreak tweak called Plan B, which can be used to regain control of your iOS device if you forget your own passcode.

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4. AppAnalytics - $0.99

AppAnalytics is a beautiful looking jailbreak app. It works in a very simple way, but it really does a great help. It simply monitors how long you’ve used each app on your iDevice, it logs how many times you’ve used it, and it reports on the last time you actually launched the app. And the most awesome is, you can launch each app directly from AppAnalytics.

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5. InfoPage - FREE

Something that I’m always curious to know about my iPhone, is how much RAM it currently has available. I have no idea why, it’s just a kind of weird OCD thing about me. If there’s anyone else like me out there (which I doubt), this tweak may help. It’s called ‘InfoPage’, and it allows for small pieces of device information on your springboard pages.

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6. Octopus Keyboard - $4.99

Octopus Keyboard — the highly anticipated BlackBerry 10 keyboard tweak for jailbroken iOS devices — has finally touched down on the default BigBoss Cydia repo.

The Octopus Keyboard uses the power of a dictionary to start auto-spelling words based on what you are typing into the text field. Any suggestions that the tweak can come up with are displayed above the letter that would be the next in the sequence of spelling a word. For example, if you type "nex" the word "next" would appear over the letter T as shown above. To have Octopus Keyboard automatically spell out a word suggestion instead of you having to type a word manually, you can swipe up on the key with the word suggestion above it – this is what might make you feel like you are typing the way an Octopus would.

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7. AnyLock - $1.99

This is a tweak that gonna be as classic as Dashboard X I think. AnyLock allows you to put the application icons and the Notification Center widgets absolutely anywhere on the screen you want them to be. There is no grid that the applications have to snap into like on the home screen – this means you can have them as out-of-line or as in-line as you want them to be. The icons can be placed around the Notification Center widgets, on the notifications center widgets, or anywhere in between.

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