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AutoTouch is used to record and playback your operations in your mobile device,such as iPhone,iPad,iPad Mini,iPod Touch.More often it’s used to run the lua script written beforehand to implement more powerful features.You may use it to play games automatically to gain more score and coins, even use it to simulate human operations to test your program with nobody.You have to jailbreak you device before installing AutoTouch.Jailbreak is easy and you can search from the internet.Now AutoTouch is tested on above iOS6,with not very detailed testing on iOS5,it also present good.

You can download AutoTouch 1.0-1 for iPhone and iPad from BigBoss source now. The price is $4.99USD one year now.

How to record your operations with AutoTouch

1. Turn on the switch in "Record" view to open the recording process at background;

2. Switch to any view you want to record from in your device;

3. Click on the volume decrease button to start recording;

4. Click on the volume decrease button again to stop recording;

5. Turn off the switch to close the background process when finish recording.

6. Then you will find the script recorded just now from the "Script" view, you can edit and rename it.

How to playback the recording of your operations?

1. Click on the script in the "Script" view, there will open an action sheet, then click the "Play" button to be ready for playing, an alert view will open to prompt you something;

2. Switch to the view where your script will execute from, click on the volume increase button to start playing, it will vibrate to prompt you;

3. Then you will see the AutoTouch simulates your operations;

4. You can play for 5 minutes with the free edition, it will stop executing when 5 minutes finished.With the registered edition it will stop when playing is finished;

5. When the playing is finished, it will vibrate to promopt you.

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