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In case you are interested iOS surroundings, you would like to check these accessories roundup.

1. Kii by Bluelounge - $20

The $20 Kii is a short charge/sync cable that fits on your keychain.

2. Tanks from SwitchEasy - $69.99

Well-known for its line of iOS device cases, SwitchEasy has just jumped into a new market by introducing an interesting, high-capacity portable battery option. Featuring a unique design, Tanks contains a massive 6,000 mAH battery, which is four times the capacity of the iPhone 5’s cell. A large white LED gauge shows how much capacity is left in the battery.

Available in either black or white, Tanks is $69.99 and can be ordered through Switch Easy now.

3. Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5 - $226.99

The $227 Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5 can help you peer into the stars, using your iPhone to take detailed pictures and video of the interstellar bodies you see. The telescope comes with a tripod, a “Tele-Lens” connecting kit, and a carrying box.

4. Just Mobile Gum++ - $89.95

Just Mobile has released the Gum++ ($90), a new stylish high-capacity backup battery for smartphones, tablets, and other USB-powered devices. The Gum++ incorporates a 6000mAh battery encased in a glossy, durable hard ABS shell, and provides enough capacity to recharge an iPhone up to 3 times or add additional charge to an iPad, including the ability to provide up to 2.5A of current for full-speed iPad charging.

The Gum++ is available in a range of colours and is bundled with a USB-to-micro-USB cable for recharging the battery from any USB power source.

5. DockBoss5 by CableJive - $29.95

Thanks to the new DockBoss5, music lovers with older iPhone docking stations don’t have to worry about their equipment becoming obsolete. As the name implies, the DockBoss5 turns older docking stations into a universal charger with audio output.

The dockBoss5 retails for $29.95 and can be ordered directly from CableJive. It comes with an audio cable and USB to micro-USB cable. You will have to supply your own Lightning cord, unfortunately. But unlike either of Apple’s 30-pin to Lightning adapters, with CableJive’s solution, you can actually hold a device in your hand while listening to music.

And some designs still in Kickstarter

1. SunStash

Charge your mobile devices from anywhere, just as fast as it charges from a wall outlet. Even if you’re traveling or off the grid entirely, SunStash will power your device with solar cells. It comes with its own portable battery unit that you plug into one of the solar cell packs (above). Once it shows you have a full charge, unplug the battery and plug it into your iDevice. There are also all kinds of adapters available to make it work with just about any device imaginable. I can’t believe Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and all the rest aren’t already building solar technology into their devices.

2. SLiM

It’s a Stand Like iMac. SLiM. Get it? If Apple made an iPad stand that would make their tablet look like an iMac, then SLiM would be it. It works in both portrait and landscape mode, it attaches easily to your iPad, and there’s a smaller model available for your iPad Mini. There’s a hole for the power cord in the stand just like the one on the iMac. I’m not crazy about the idea of using foam to attach my iPad to anything; rubber micro-suction pads would be better. And the seller’s horrible grammar doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. But from the outside looking in, the SLiM stand looks great.

3. C.24 - The Music Keyboard for iPad

Meet C.24, a two-octave wireless keyboard case for the iPad that replaces the computer keyboard from a traditional keyboard case with piano keys. The case sends MIDI input to your iPad wirelessly, and will work with any music app you have installed on the tablet. A strip of buttons above the piano keys lets you control things such as what octave the keyboard will play in and add effects like tone modulation. Miselu, the company who designed the keyboard, also designed an open standard for hardware expansion modules. That means that tactile controls such as faders, knobs and XY pads could also be available in the future to help you with your musical stylings.

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