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Stupid Zombies 3, the latest installment in the studio’s zombie blasting Stupid Zombie trilogy, will be available for free on Android and iOS on July 22. Stupid Zombies 3 upgrades the puzzle-platform shooting action with new characters, weapons, and power-ups that enhance gameplay.

Traverse a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland as a slick-haired shotgun man, a fiery-pyro girl, or a grenade launching granny with a simple goal in mind—blow off as many zombie heads as you can in the coolest ways possible. Players will need to plan their shots carefully to  maximize a bullet’s range for deadly combo kills, or crush the zombies to mush with  crates, tires, and other junk found in each level. Variations in zombie positions and alternate paths change the angles for potential shots and offer brand new challenges for veteran players trying to maximize their high score.

Stupid Zombies 3

Key Features:

•More than 100 challenging levels in three unique settings

•3 main characters with their own unique weapons for players to blast, burn, and blow up the zombie hordes.

•Varied zombie positions and paths offer endless replayability

•New power-ups let you rewind an errant shot or keep firing when you run out of ammo.

Stupid Zombies 3

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