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Recently, the October War 1973 campaign for Wars and Battles is released by Battle Factory and Kermorio S.A.

The War and Battles' October War 1973 campaign was designed by Pierre Razoux, the Paris-based Research Director of the French Institute for Strategic Research / Ecole Militaire (IRSEM). As a recognized specialist on the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli Wars, Razoux shared his expertise with Battle Factory.

October War 1973

October War 1973 depicts Israel facing off against the combined Egyptian and Syrian Armies, following a surprise attack during the Yom Kippur holiday. Lasting only twenty days, the October War is notable for its historical impact across the Middle East, and the extensive use of (at the time) state-of-the-art military technologies, including surface-to-air missiles and sophisticated anti-tank weapons. Players can choose to play as Israel, facing overwhelming allied Arab forces, or take advantage of the element of surprise by playing as the Egyptian and Syrian coalition.

October War 1973

Key Features:

Historically Accurate: Each Wars and Battles campaign includes multiple scenarios that accurately portray historical events, including terrain, weather, unit types and characteristics, the state of military technology, modes of warfare, and more.

Choose Your Perspective: Oversee the battlefield in 2D, emulating traditional tabletop wargames, or play in 3D mode, mirroring a gorgeous miniatures-like experience.

Battle a Tough AI or Your Friends: Face off against a challenging AI opponent or play against friends and other armchair generals online via asynchronous multiplayer.

October War 1973

Donwload this game here:

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