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SNK has had a large presence on the App Store for a number of years now, mostly thanks to the many excellent touchscreen ports of their legendary fighting games. A SNK's mobile game, The Rhythm of Fighters, will be removed from Apple App Store and Google Play. It tasks you with keeping the rhythm during classic SNK tunes while a massive cast of fighters duke it out based on your performance. The Rhythm of Fighters was a really novel idea for a game, and it's only barely a year old, but unfortunately SNK is yanking it off the App Store next week.

According to SNK's King of Fighter World Facebook page, they'll be suspending sale of the game on July 15th on both iOS and Android. After that date, you will no longer be able to purchase any of the in-app expansion content like additional songs, but SNK says the game should continue to work as long as you keep it installed on your device. Of course, iOS 9 is right around the corner, so if that breaks the game for some reason you'll be out of luck.


So, if you aren't afraid of a game you like possibly breaking sometime down the road, you can scoop up all that The Rhythm of Fighters has to offer for cheap before July 15th rolls around. SNK didn't mention what the reason was for ending the life of the game. If you're interested, you can download The Rhythm of Fighters and all of its discounted DLC before July 15th, after which it will vanish into the halls of App Store history.

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