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Retro Assault, a upcoming top-down Sci-Fi Action Shooter from Big Shiny Games will be launching in North America on Android and iOS platforms this summer. In Retro Assault, you will take the helm of futuristic state of the art Starfighter Chassis equipped with a dizzying array of interchangeable Combat Wing weapons platforms.

Retro Assault

Fight through the galaxy to liberate worlds from the crushing oppression of alien invaders, upgrade your Starfighter, and unlock new Chassis to aid in your fight. Deck your Chassis out with up to three deadly Combat Wings at a time from your arsenal to face the fight at hand. Swap these Combat Wings out per mission, upgrade your favorites, and unlock new ones to increase your arsenal. This unique combination of upgradable Starfighter Chassis and swappable Combat Wings creates a staggering variety of configurations with which to face the enemies of our galaxy.

Retro Assault

Surprise your enemies with up to six, one-off Tacticals you bring with you to the fight. These run the gamut of ammo stores, shield recharge, hull repair, score multipliers, invulnerability bursts...and many, many more.

The action is hard hitting and relentless. You are the last stand. The hopes and survival of every being in the galaxy lie in your hands as you engage the Alien Armada set on enslaving us all!

Retro Assault

Key Features:

Five Upgradable Starfighter Chassis: The P.O.D. Fighter, The Tank, The Infiltrator, The Destroyer, and The Interceptor offer a spread of tactical combat options of agility, hull integrity and shield capacity that can be upgraded to better face the challenges ahead.

Interchangeable Combat Wing System:  Build an arsenal of Combat Wings that you can deploy to any of the Starfighter Chassis in your collection to ensure you have the right ship and weapons combination for the mission! Each Combat Wing features three tiers of upgradeability.

Tacticals: One-Off Strategy Modifiers that can be collected and added to the control stick for fast access during combat.

Interstellar Chaos: Fight through the galactic saga of seven sectors of action packed missions, hordes of enemies, and enormous Capital Ships!

Rank, Leaderboard and Achievement System:  Test your skill for the best rank, score and time, and compare them against your friends and the rest of the world on global leaderboards.

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