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Recently mobile development studio Inlogic Software and fast-growing indie-game publisher Thumbspire released "Pop Voyage" a match three puzzle game that is blowing new life into the genre on iOS and Android devices.

The studio, established in 2005, is focused on the development of Java, Android and iOS games and applications for mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. With a rich catalog of games and apps already under their belt, they set out to make a match-three puzzle game with a playful approach. As the lead developer on the project explained, "We wanted to make a game that would appeal to aficionados of match-three puzzle games as well as people who are new to the gameplay." To keep it interesting, they switched up the game mechanics and included a variety of boosters and rewards.

Pop Voyage  Pop Voyage

Of all the objects to create a match-three game around, why did they choose balloons? During an early brainstorming session, a member of the development team recalled the pure delight and exhilaration he witnessed on his child’s face as she played a balloon pop game at a local funfair. The team took that festive inspiration and ran with it to create a fantasy world full of explosive match-three mania. The lead developer added, "Fundamentally we wanted this game to be the purest expression imaginable of the sheer joy of match-three puzzle game play."

Pack your bags and get ready to match and pop colorful balloons on this treasure hunting expedition. You'll encounter a variety of challenging puzzles based on time, moves, and obstacles like blocks and lanterns, sandwiches, and more. There are seven unique boosters to help you along the way including Pins, Wands, Slingshots, and Explosive Bomb Combinations. Pop Voyage features hundreds of levels of colorful & captivating gameplay with exciting new challenges and goals introduced at every level. Are you ready for an adventure full of colorful match-three gameplay? As they say in the World of Balloons, "Pop Voyage!"

Pop Voyage  Pop Voyage

Availability: Pop Voyage is available for free with In-App Purchase worldwide.

Available on Google play  Available on App Store

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