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Like most of flight shooter games, Infinite Sky takes place in World War II. The game features 3D graphics, just passable, however the dynamic music and vibration experience still feels awesome.

Infinite Sky offers three modes of operation, arcade mode, virtual buttons with the gravity sensing mode and the last one is pure gravity sensor. Before the battle, first thing, purchase some props to enhance your firepower. Oh I nearly forgot to mention, we started with nothing when we are first to play. In the first beginning, there is only a character available, he is not well speeded, but his attack ability is OK. Now we start to roll.

In the battle, you have to defeat endless enemy onslaught while the flying without destination and an end. I choose the gravity sensor mode to control my little plane - I prefer this mode. And I tilt my device to make my plane up and down and escape from all the fire attack. There are more than 100 missions, however just as the name tells, it’s endless. You finished a mission, there is no break, you entered next mission during the no-stop flying. Woo, pretty challenging.

The vibration experience is pretty cool, it happens every time you taken down a plane and the coming explosion – and the accompanied music and sound effect feel good as well. Meanwhile, the game features lots of scene, sunny, raining, lighting and foggy. I have no idea the number yet. That doesn’t exactly effect your fighting, but really increases the tension of the game. Really feels good.

Up to four planes for choosing, collect coins and complete missions to upgrade your plane and increase your ranking. Every time you taken down a boss, you will be awarded, such as the double attack power, shot guns and kits, very practical. However, these ability and props are available in a limited time - they will be invalid with time passed by.

Overall speaking, Infinite Sky really gives me an awesome flight shooting experience. The vibration and the experience of taking down an enemy aircraft feel really good. It’s easy to start, and smooth to move on, but the following game rhythm is really tense – I like that! Only, the graphic could be better.  Anyway Infinite Sky is a very good game worthy you to have a try when it’s gone free(before 17th July).


The graphic looks quite jagged, hopes it would be better in next version


Very good


It’s easy to start, and very smooth to move on

Lasting Appeal

No breaking challenge, really difficult to stay up to the end, can you?


Woo, it’s tense, and I like it!


Flight shooter gamer should take an experience.

Infinite Sky Infinite Sky
You have been called to the front lines to defend the skies against an endless onslaught of enemies. Choose from up to four planes in order to face the challenges of exciting 3D dogfights and increasingly difficult boss battles. Collect coins and complete missions to upgrade your plane and increase your ranking.

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