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The highly anticipated movie tie-in Pacific Rim mobile game have just hit iOS platform ahead of the movie. Essentially an action fighting game in the style of Infinity Blade, the Pacific Rim mobile game challenges you to pilot weaponized robots called Jaegers in order to battle gargantuan monsters known as Kaiju. The console version of Pacific Rim have win a lot applause already, but the mobile version is not seems to worth the price.


"Far too many reviews have been penned using the phrase, “just like Infinity Blade.” Unfortunately, this is another case of déjà vu, so buckle up. Pacific Rim revolves around a collection of military mechs named, “Jaegers,” that serve the sole purpose of defending earth from monster invasions. Each mission consists of being placed in an area with the beasts and then going toe-to-toe. Sound familiar?...

The App Store has seen a steady stream of mediocre film-inspired games grace its hallowed marketplace. Pacific Rim follows in the great tradition by delivering one of the most uninspired cross promotional tools to date. Lackluster visuals, gameplay, and story all help this title earn a gold star of complacency. Move over, Man of Steel, there is a new sheriff in the town of Blahville. Maybe those two should just duke it out to the death and save us all the trouble…" --- 148Apps 2.5/5

"This is where we find Pacific Rim, a game that features an intriguing setting and story, featuring giant robots (Jaeger) fighting Godzilla-like creatures (Kaiju). Unfortunately, the gameplay doesn’t compliment the movie as one would have hoped...

But again, despite all that, Pacific Rim has a certain draw, even with its obvious flaws. The game features good graphics, nice Jaeger and Kaiju animations, and a variety of playable Jaeger. The best feature lies in the specific objectives for each battle, which can range from using a weapon attack to win, or complete a battle without taking damage. Complete the objectives to score higher, and if you fail you can always go back to a battle at any point, giving the game a dose of replayabilty.

At times Pacific Rim can be fun, but other times I just had to take a break before I cursed all that is sacred. Good graphics, a catchy concept, and objective-based battles are unfortunatley offset by iffy controls, repetitive gameplay, and questionable IAPs. Even as I came back for more until victory was mine, the total package feels lackluster and leaves me wondering what could have been." --- Slidetoplay 2/4

 "Ultimately, the Pacific Rim game is an enjoyable new fighting game for iOS and it seems like a must-have if you see the movie in theaters. " Intomobile

Anyway, you can play it now. Pacific Rim for iOS can be download from Pandaapp already. Fast download cost one gold, you can check out available Gold Giveaway event on our Giveaway page to win free gold.

Pacific Rim Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.

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