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The wait is finally over! Game developer and publisher GTArcade has is happy to announce that League of Angels - Fire Raiders is now available for download on the Amazon App store! Based on the hugely popular browser game League of Angels, winner of Facebook's 'Best New Games of 2014' award, Fire Raiders has become the smash hit mobile game of 2015! Players from all over the world have been experiencing this epic Action RPG that takes them on a grand adventure spanning across faraway mystical lands. United Through Fire, the Angels will rise! Now on Kindle Fire and Fire Phones!

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

An Ancient World of Heroes and Angels!

The world of League of Angels is rich with the lore and legends of ancient times. Angels and humans, having lived in peace for thousands of years, now find their lands in chaos. The Great Demon King has awoken and has begun destroying everything in his wake. The Angels have descended onto the mortal world in order to halt the tides of darkness. This League of Angels has vowed to help any hero brave enough to face the armies of evil. The Fire Raiders, as this group of heroes now call themselves, is determined to give their all to stop the Great Demon King.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

Strategy, choices and fun!

One thing that sets Fire Raiders apart from other mobile games is the sheer depth of strategic options that players are given to deal with their enemies. Armed with the power of choice, there are unlimited ways to plan achieve victory on the battlefield. The possibilities are endless. But this shouldn't scare off players who are not so familiar with RPG's. Despite the layer of depth, Fire Raiders is still easy to pick up and can be played just as casually as other mobile games. What gives Fire Raiders longevity is the fact that players who really want to get immersed in battle and strategy have the option to do so.

League of Angels - Fire Raiders

An Ongoing Sensation!

To Play League of Angels - Fire Raiders is to play a game that never ends. With weekly hot events and constant updates with content like new heroes and play modes, you can always find something fresh and exciting to do. As an MMORPG, Fire Raiders also gives you the opportunity to connect with thousands of players and make new friends and rivals alike. Play Fire Raiders on your Fire devices and be sure to visit the game's website and Facebook page to stay updated and gain a competitive edge on your fellow players!

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