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A new mobile game titled "Exiled Gods" is launched by NGames. The game is currently only available for download for gamers in Singapore and Malaysia. Available to download for free in Google Play Store and App Store.

Exiled Gods is a free-to-play strategy MMORPG with In-App Purchases available for players. The goal of Exiled Gods is to build a legion of gods and mythical heroes, and lead them to fight against rivals and fiends. Heroes are the main combat units within the game there are five hero classes available to players including Warrior, Archer, Priest, Assassin, and Magician. Each hero has unique skills, the strategic part is to choose your combatants and strategically team them up.


Warrior Class: A melee physical class with high HO and DEF. This class can be used as a main tank within battles.

Archer: A long range physical class with high ATK

Priest: A support class that heals allies and brings various kinds of buffs

Assassin: A melee physical class with high CRIT ability

Magician: A long-ranged magic class that excels at launching widespread destruction.


Game Features:

A huge collection of mythical heroes from all over the world
Over 200 mythical heroes, each with their own ability, are at your service
Evolve your hero to make an unbeatable legion of your own
Dominate the battlefield with stunning skills
A powerful legion at your fingertips
Put on epic equipment to enhance your combat power
Explore the mystical domain to gain powerful heroes and equipment
Collect heroes, build a legion and become the lord of the gods
Challenge players from all over the globe and become the ultimate champion!
Players can find more information about Exiled Gods on Facebook.


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