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As we all known, sometimes less is more. Today we will show you top five minimalist themed mobile games. Read on and find out your favorite and play it in your free time.


Duet is a puzzle game with alternating playing style, because it is not a rhythm game but is more than a rhythm game. You need to control your hands and make the red and blue balls avoid survived objects fell from the sky by following the background music rhythm. When you click on the left of your screen the ball will rotate counterclockwise along the track. If you click on the right, the ball will rotate clockwise instead.


If you have never played Duet before, keep yourself clam please. Because the game always over in a few minutes. In fact, the trick is simple. Just listen the background music carefully and grasp the rhythm. Take a try and you will play Duet more smoothly.


Key Features


Experience eight chapters of deceptive narrative and nerve-twisting gameplay. Replay any stage to perfect your movements and unlock over 25 achievements. This is a game that will test you. Unlock the Survival mode, Daily Challenges and four additional chapters of bonus challenges.


With air tight controls and gameplay that’s tuned to perfection Duet provides the perfect balance between challenge and pure gaming satisfaction. Touch either side of the screen to twist your vessels and avoid everything in your path. Remember: even that which begins simple can end complex.


An outstanding handcrafted soundtrack by Melbourne composer and Gotye multi-instrumentalist Tim Shiel. Nine unique and mesmerizingly beautiful compositions ensure an immersive experience for you at every step of your journey.

Download this game here:

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