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1. Quick Reply for Messenger - $1.99

With Facebook Messenger, you can instant message people on your Facebook friends list without having to open the slow, painful, and buggy Facebook application. While Facebook Messenger is faster, but it’s still not fast enough. Now a new jailbreak tweak in the Cydia store dubbed Quick Reply for Messenger by iOS developer Moeseth, you can now quickly reply to any messages you get from the Facebook Messenger application by simply tapping on the banner notification that appears when you receive an instant message.

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2. Quick Player for Notification Center - FREE

Quick Player for Notification Center is a decent alternative to the premium Jukebox widget. That said, Quick Player for Notification Center lacks the functionality and punch that is present in Jukebox.

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3. BookLock - $1

A new jailbreak tweak is now live in Cydia dubbed BookLock by iOS developer Sirex. With BookLock, you can avoid having your precious home screen bookmarks, from the Web, deleted. This will keep curiosity from killing the cat and help ensure that your home screen bookmarks aren’t deleted without your permission. As shown above, BookLock will make sure the black ‘X’ will be missing from the home screen bookmark icon when you enter jiggle mode so it can’t be deleted.

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4. TurnOffButton - FREE

The sleep button on every iOS device is absolutely one of the most important buttons on the device. One thing is for certain though: not everyone needs to power off his or her device. If you want to use your sleep button for other functions, then check out a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed TurnOffButton by iOS developer M_Vincent_M. With it, you can change what will happen when you hold down on the sleep button.

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5. AnimateAll - $1.00

Are you looking to take Lock screen boot logo animations to the next level? If so, then AnimateAll is a new tweak that’s worthy of your attention.

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6. MultiStorey - FREE

MultiStorey makes multitasking easier because more application icons are shown in an enlarged area. This means that getting to your applications that are running in the background either won’t require you to scroll at all, or you will be able to scroll a lot less than if you only had one row showing you all your opened applications since more content is displayed per page.

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7. FoldMusic - $$1.50

With FoldMusic, creating easy-to-access music playlists has never been easier. The folders that contain your Music come with internal music controls including a volume slider, forward and back buttons, and play and pause buttons. A folder can be made for every playlist and album on your iOS device. The tweak only works with the stock Music application, so it will draw its music and playlist or album information from that application and not third party music applications like Spotify. You can delete any of the playlists from your home screen that you want to, so clutter-control is completely at your disposal.

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