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The Chinese mobile game I am MT 2 has been a big fever in China with more than 70 million downloads. And recently, the game's developer Firefly Games has brought this game to the West under the name Rush of Heroes.

Rush of Heroes

Rush of Heroes is an extremely satisfying action-RPG game that provides a fantasy world to all the gamers. In this game, you start out as a small but fearless warrior named Mutty. During your journey, you'll meet countless dangerous bosses as well as powerful heroes.

Rush of Heroes

Download the game here

Using Unity 3D engine, the graphics of Rush of Heroes continues the classical gameplay of I am MT and breaks the limitation of traditional card game. To explore this fascinating world, you must create your own team of heroes and arrange a perfect formation to make the most of their abilities to advance through the various battles. It's an action game, however, if you want to take a break, you can also use the auto battle feature.

Rush of Heroes

In Rush of Heroes, every hero has its own special skills and weapons. The battle is almost automatic, and it's definitely worth a watch. To make your heroes stronger, you must evolve their gears and promote them to higher quality abilities. Heroes will also change their appearance as their equipment get upgraded. By spending runes or collecting shards from elite instances, you can also summon new heroes.

Rush of Heroes

At the end of each chapter, you'll meet the boss battle. These boss battles have a different camera view from the normal stage and of course add certain difficulty for you to overcome. If you have trouble in beating them, you can go back and keep leveling up and enhancing your equipment.

In addition, you can take up a profession you want, including a fisherman and a miner. These professions are all quite helpful when progressing through this game.

Rush of Heroes

Game features:

  • Epic 3D MMORPG-like experience
  • Conquer 150+ quest zones and battle areas
  • More than 40 fully upgradable heroes
  • Over 160 special skills & abilities
  • Master your occupations, including fishing and mining
  • Over 1,200 items including weapons & armor
  • Multiple dungeons with EXP & gold rewards
  • Take part in Arena PvP battles

Available on Google play

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