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Probably due to the hot weather, the produce of new jailbreak tweaks is so pour on Cydia over the past two week. We have collected the best few tweaks over the past two weeks. Take a look.

1. SoundPad for Notification Center - FREE

SoundPad for Notification Center is a great sound-mixing widget for Notification Center. It’s great because it’s eye candy, it’s free, and it keeps the children entertained for minutes on end. It has four buttons that allow you to record and play back sounds. This gives you four channels of sound to mix around for your entertainment. That’s all there is to it! Simple and fun.

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2. StatusTint - FREE

StatusTint is a new free jailbreak tweak by Rudolf Lichtner that allows you to change the color of your status bar to just about any color you want. You can use a solid color or a gradient – the colors are chosen using two sets of RGB sliders and the color change works in both landscape and portrait mode. Changing the color of the status bar has become a popular demand ever since it was shown that the iOS 6 status bar changes colors automatically to match that of its surrounding user interface. The tweak is free, so if you like having your own customization options on your iOS device, you should grab this!

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3. MountainCenter - $2.99

MountainCenter is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developers Jonas Gessner and iKy1e that adds another tweak to the Notification Center animations so that it acts more like Notification Center in OS X Mountain Lion, Apple’s next upcoming operating system for the Mac. MountainCenter is used by pulling from the side of the screen to launch Notification Center from behind the interface you’re in, where usually you have to pull from the status bar and Notification Center will come up above the interface you are already in. The animation is fluid and beautiful and works on all iOS 5 devices.

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4. LockWee - $0.99

LockWee came out recently, and allows users to add any installed notification widget onto the lockscreen of their device. The tweak is similar to Dashboard X in which does the same thing, however for the home screen. Jailbreakers have certainly taken advantage of the notification center and went even further with these additional tweaks.

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5. PictureFrameCenter - FREE

Notification Center is already gorgeous as it sits, however there are ways to improve it even more. One great way to do so is with a new free jailbreak widget dubbed PictureFrameCenter by iOS developer CoolStar. The new widget will display a slideshow of your photographs from your Camera Roll right in Notification Center to accompany your other widgets and add some extra beauty to the interface.

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6. Thor - FREE

Thor is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer ClausCartel that has just hit Cydia. With it, you can control your Wi-Fi based on applications instead of having to enable and disable your Wi-Fi manually from the Settings application or with third party toggles. And it's sweetly free, why not have one?

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7. BrowserChooser - FREE

BrowserChooser allows you to pick a default Web browser for iOS. It includes support for Google Chrome and countless other popular iOS Web browsers such as Opera and Mercury. After you enable this tweak, all links you open from any application will open in the Web browser that you choose to be your default. This tweak is your free, one-way ticket to getting away from Mobile Safari for good.

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8. VoiceSearch - FREE

VoiceSearch is a new free jailbreak tweak that allows the user to Google from anywhere using their voice. The tweak, once installed, will use Activator. Invoking the action you choose will open an interface where you can speak and then tap on the 'done' button to perform a Google search query with your default Web browser. The web browser will load up with the question you spoke in the Google search bar and the results will yield to whatever you asked. It's handy for when you should be hands-free and don't have Siri or Siri Dictation installed.

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