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According to the latest speed test of Chrome and Safari on iPhone, seems Chrome is much faster than Safari. You might considering use Chrome in daily life instead of Safari. In that case, you should be glad to hear that now there is a new tweak dubbed BrowserChooser will allow you to switch between default Web browser applications on your iOS device.

By developer Ryan Petrich, BrowserChooser can be used to set Google Chrome (or a different third party Web browser) as your default Web browser so that any links you tap on from anywhere in iOS will send you directly to your default Web browser instead of Mobile Safari – similarly to how you set a default Web browser on your personal computer. It places a preferences pane in your Settings application where you can choose between all of the Web browsers you have installed on your iOS device.

BrowserChooser is currently compatible with all of the following Web browsers for iOS:

Google Chrome
Opera Mini
iCab Mobile
Dolphine Browser
Atomic Browser
Mobile Safari

Being able to choose between default Web browsers is advantageous because you can ultimately select the user interface you want to use each and every time you open a Web page and you can avoid things you dislike about other browsers. Many people prefer Mobile Safari because of its speed, but browsers like Google Chrome for iOS offer other things that could outweigh speed such as tab syncing, nicer animations, and a simpler interface.

BrowserChooser is free, but you can only download it from Ryan Petrich's private repository. To add it, open Cydia and tap on Manage, then tap on Sources, then tap on Add, and type in the following repository URL:


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