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Google just dropped its Chrome brower app for iOS last week, analysis thought it should be slower than Safari for its lack of access to the Nitro Javascript engine. However, you will find out a different result after reviewed IDB's speed test. Take a look.

In this test, Google Chrome was installed on an iPhone 4S using iOS 5.1.1, and Safari was ran on an iPhone 4 running iOS 6 beta 2. Granted, you’re going to expect the scales to tip a bit in Google Chrome’s favor due to the completely optimized iOS install, and the faster hardware. Even still, this test will give you a good indication that Google Chrome isn’t exactly a tortoise when it comes to speed.

Yep, some guys questioned the test for the system different, so IDB reversed the platform, Chrome on the iPhone 4, and Safari on the iPhone 4S. And what's the result?

Now what do you think about the two browers?

via IDB

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