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Godzilab put their name on the map early in the App Store's life with the excellent physics puzzler iBlast Moki, followed by the online multiplayer basketball shooting game StarDunk, and finally the adorable town-builder Happy Street. Now they're readying the release of their next project called Pirate Power, and they've just soft-launched the game in the Canadian App Store. Godzilab describes Pirate Power as a mixture of all their previous games. You'll build up your own pirate ship and battle against other players in PvP in a similar way to StarDunk, and explore lands that look like they could be pulled straight out of Happy Street. They even say the physics in the game have a lot in common with those in iBlast Moki.

Pirate Power

So, if you take three really good games and mash them altogether, does that make for the ultimate game? Well, you can find out for yourself if you've got access to a Canadian App Store account as Pirate Power is free to download and play.

Source: toucharcade

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