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Do you ever have such an experience that you have checked your suitcase again and again before you were leaving for a travel, but still always something you actually need is not there. You need a check list app to help you make sure everything prepared well, Suitcases - packing checklist is such an app you need.

It's a nice travel checklist for travelers. There are five kinds of default suitcases for different kinds of travel plans. You can customize new suitcases based on default ones or just create one from empty suitcase, according to your detailed plan. There are thousands of items presented categorically can be can be set in to suitcases, and of course you can customize new item and new category as you like. Deleting suitcases and items is based the most simple gesture, wipe to delete. Tick every item you have checked and press the eye icon in the bottom to check what’s unchecked. Operations are just as easy as that.

My brother is leaving for a travel to Hawaii with his goddess, so let’s see how he managed his luggage with Suitcases. First he has to make sure he has brought the iPad and vertigo pills with him, the girl needs them during the way. And after all the item about himself are checked, he should manage to remember he must buy some yellow roses and order a cake for the girl, because it would be her birthday when they arrive, so he set up two ToDo items to help him remember. Thus he started his travel safely.

However, Suitcases is still far from perfect. It can’t set up an alarm to remind us when there is anything unfinished. Items cannot be set in different colors and range, the importance of items can’t be distinguished out, that is bad. And no operate is allowed to fold the items under categories, you will be upset when you are facing a long long list and can’t make it short. But still it is a great help for people travels a lot.

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Suitcases - packing checklist Suitcases - packing checklist
Suitcases will be the answer to your daily unintentional forgetfulness! Having so many things to do every single day, it is just normal to forget one or two things that are parts of the list of things to do before the end of play. It's about time that you put it to an end then because there's always a solution to every dilemma. Now Suitcases app is here for your rescue!



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