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Top 10 is enough? No, I would like to give you Top 20! This week we really have a excellent games‘ blowout on iOS. We have a collection in the middle of the week, now even better 10 are here!

10. Boom Brigade 2

This action-packed sequel combines elements of both the line-drawing and tower defence genres, which basically means that you can command your troops in real time, and pause the game and take advantage of its special Tactical mode.


 Whip out your minigun and get ready to kick some otherwordly alien butt! Boom Brigade 2 is the long awaited sequel to the 2009 Top 10 iOS hit game.

 Boom Brigade 2 is an action packed experience that combines elements from line drawing and turret defense games. It features a hand-crafted campaign with three chapters and 30 missions. In addition there are several quick game modes with leaderboard support.

 You can issue orders to your troopers in real time or pause the game and think about your moves in the Tactical Mode. Troopers can also concentrate their fire on priority targets and collect helpful powerups.

 Boom Brigade 2 has all the characters from Boom Brigade plus a new character: "The Sniper". Just set the priority targets and watch as he snipes them away from a distance.

 View trailer at bit.ly/bb2video

 - Explosive action against a rampaging alien horde
 - Five unlockable upgrades for each character
 - A hand crafted campaign including 30 missions
 - Varying types of alien enemies that require different tactics
 - Survival levels with leaderboards
 - Other interesting quick game modes like "Medical Emergency" with leaderboards
 - Over a dozen achievements


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