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Recently, an official trailer for House of Grudge, Gameday's latest horror escape-the-room’ type title, is released. From now on, you can download House of Grudge free on the Apple App Store. Moreover, its android version will be available on Google Play soon.

Some horrors to the elements of escape genre, such as combine, dismantle, puzzle and trick are added in House of Grudge, so you can meet with a new experience. And, the graphics and sounds for uprush of fear are more amazing. As players proceed, the background scenario will be revealed. This scenario is very capturing, so it could help you to concentrate on the game. However, expecting mothers, the elderly, children and those with pre-existing heart conditions should refrain from playing House of Grudge.

House of Grudge

In addition, in oreder to celebrating the global launch, a special event is underway on the Facebook Fan Page. For more details, you can follow its official website here.

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