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Solstice Arena is a multiplayer online battle arena game that Zynga is calling the "world's first speed MOBA." What does that mean, exactly? It means 3-on-3 matches last for 5-12 minutes, making it a very mobile-friendly. They've gotten rid of farming and minions — it's just you guys vs. them guys. Though the game is free-to-play, the dev team promises that there is no pay-to-win here.


"League of Legends may not have invented the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre, but it certainly had a hand in popularizing it. It’s actually become so popular that there have been more than a few attempts at recreating such an experience on iOS. And I have to admit that while Solstice Arena has a few snags, it’s probably the best mobile iteration I’ve played yet.

The basic gist of a MOBA is that two teams of players beef over turf until one has wiped out the others’ base. What makes things a little different than every other team-based multiplayer game out there is that the characters feel more like MMORPG classes than anything; each with specific skills that are meant to pair well with other characters’ and each with their own role to play. In Solstice Arena, players must take down the other team’s towers in order to weaken defenses, while simultaneously battling other player characters who are trying to do the same to them. There’s no major penalty for death except for waiting to respawn, although it’s a  good opportunity to spend gold on better gear for the match.

...Solstice Arena has shown me the MOBA light. It’s just a shame that the majority of the current player base is so timid. With a little time it’ll definitely be a worthwhile multiplayer experience but it’s still a lot of fun solo or in co-op." --- 148Apps 4/5

"My brother and I play League of Legends religiously. It's our favorite game. He recently found this game for the iPad and we love it. It has most of what we love about League (minus the trolls) and its fun as well as easy to navigate. If you like League of Legends, give this one a try. The only thing you might not like is the champion (hero, in this game) artwork. It's not quite as good as LoL but it's not bad. The arena looks fantastic though. And conversely, if you like this but haven't downloaded League of Legends, look into it. You'll love it." --- 13Sassy13

"Oh my, another MOBA. We totally haven't seen those everywhere. All the 8 year olds here, writing that this is better than DotA or LoL made me quite interested. Boy, do I want my time back. As a MOBA, this game fails EVERYWHERE: no lanes, no minions, no extra maps, all 3 team members can have the same character (meaning that 80% of the games will be between 6 identical characters). To top it off, there is absolutely no depth in this game: tank has tons of health, mages burst in seconds, assasins oneshot victims. That's all. Kiting is non-existant here, same with any advanced MOBA tactic, like stutter-stepping and denying farm. Mostly there is no farm here, just absolute uncontrollable carnage from the first second. The type of carnage where a tank 1v3s anyone. Balance between characters in a Zynga pay to win? HAH! Overpowered is only beaten by overpowered. And to get overpowered you have to pay money. Not that you will, as after two PVP matches where the only person in your team not disconected will be you will most likely delete this garbage. No hidden rankings system. No visible rankings system ir ANYTHING in that matter. Only one boring map filled with crappy gimmick mechanics. And a whooping 10 or so characters. Oh boy, can't wait to try them out. Oh, you won't. The time needed to farm enough for one heroe will make you have grandchildren have grandchildren. And of course, if you BARELY won a 2v3 out of your own sheer will, you will be greeted by the fact that there is no reporting system. You can troll, feed, afk, do anything, you won't be punished. If you want a playable MOBA, stop playing on your phone, download DotA2 or LoL. And if you really love 3v3 fast paced MOBAs, do the world a favor and get Awesomenauts. For 10 bucks you will enjoy 100 times more than with this crappy garbage." --- Milda V

You can now download Solstice Arena from Pandaapp. Enjoy it.

Solstice Arena Solstice Arena
Enter the Solstice Arena™, a fast-paced, real-time action fighting game that is available anywhere you go.

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