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It’s always cool to see jailbreak tweaks that let you do different things with your iOS device than Apple had in mind. That’s why we’re turning our attention to a new free jailbreak tweak called Face Off by iOS developer Elijah Frederickson.

 Face Off lets you put your iPhone face down on a table or another solid flat surface to turn the display off. When you pick the iPhone back up, the display turns back on so that you’re ready to use it immediately. This is great for when you need to put your phone down for a moment to go and do something because when you come back you'll be able to pick up your iPhone and continue right where you left off without having left your display on the whole time that you were gone.

 Face Off comes with a preferences pane that you will find in the Settings application:

 From here you will be able to enable and disable the tweak on demand, disable use of the tweak when you have your device plugged into a power source, enable the feature for the lock screen even when the lock screen is locked, and choose to lock the device rather than simply turn the display off.

 It's a pretty nifty tweak, but of course this won't be something everyone will want to use. Some people are more concerned than others about privacy and like having the security of passcodes over simply picking up the device and using it. For these people, Face Off might not be an option, but for others, it's a neat way to use your iPhone. If you want to give it a try, it's available for free in Cydia's BigBoss repository.


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