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1. Clockify - $1.00

Clockify is a new jailbreak tweak by Nikos Lykousas that allows you to have all the functionality of the beloved LiveClock (unfortunately was never updated for iOS 5) and even have widgets throughout iOS that also show you the live time using an analog clock. It animates the home screen’s clock icon to show the real time – the second hand will tick for every second that goes by and the minute and hour hands will follow in real time. The two widgets that come with the tweak compliment the lock screen and Notification Center beautifully. You can enable or disable any of the three effects of the tweak on demand, so you can use Clockify for the effects that you like best. Clockify is recommended to everyone that pays attention to every aesthetic detail of iOS and likes the great experience that a small animation can make.

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2. Attacher Pro - $2.99

Attacher Pro tweak offers the ability to send and receive pretty much any file type through iOS’ native Messages app. One of the great things about this package is that it also works with all third-party messaging apps, such as BiteSMS and Messages+. After installation, the immediately noticeable change comes within the compose message screen with the camera button being changed to an Attacher Pro button that invokes the custom menu.

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3. iDelete-MSG - FREE

iDelete-MSG is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer iMokhles that adds a simple, but elegant, ‘Delete All’ button to your Messages application. This button is handy because it will delete all of your Messages application conversations in one tap instead of having to remove each one individually. It works with text messages as well as iMessages. The button looks native because of its design and it works wonderfully. Since it deletes the messages, it is more secure than simply hiding them from other people since they cannot be recovered. iDelete-MSG is recommended to anyone that needs to keep their special conversations a secret from someone.

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4. AnimateLockscreen - $1

Recently, a new tweak appeared in Cydia named “AnimateLockscreen”. The tweak only allows the user to display customized bootlogos as a background for their lockscreen. You can add more choices by searching for bootlogos in Cydia. Once downloaded they will appear in AnimateLockscreen’s settings panel. The tweak utilizes the same files used for customizing bootlogos since iOS 4.2.1 so there should be plenty to choose from.

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5. BT Brevis - $1.99

BT Brevis is a new jailbreak tweak for all of you Bluetooth keyboard users out there, by iOS developer Itay Brenner. BT Brevis allows you to use the Bluetooth keyboard similarly to how you would use your personal computer keyboard – offering a lineup of new keyboard shortcuts while using the Mobile Safari Web browser. It includes navigational shortcuts, quick-bookmark shortcuts, and even a shortcut to launch Mobile Safari from anywhere. BT Brevis works on all iOS devices and is recommended to anyone using a Bluetooth keyboard because it adds some useful functionality that iOS didn’t have before.

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6. Protecti - $2.99

Protecti, by iOS developer gviridis, gives you a plethora of options for keeping people out of your personal, virtual belongings. We all know that our phones keep personal messages, photographs, and histories that should never be searched through by other eyes without permission. Protecti will keep those eyes from ever seeing your personal material and it can be enabled or disabled on demand so that you can keep your phone under high security only when you need it to be.

Unlike the other tweaks in Cydia, Protecti goes far beyond just locking users out of specific applications and then asking for a password every time the app attempts to be opened. Protecti will also disable notifications for your selected applications so the person using your device doesn’t peek upon your notifications.

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