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I am glad that I just found an interesting Siri alternative stuff for my iPhone 4, Iris. You might have Siri portable already on your non-iPhone 4S devices taking advantage of the Spire tweak, however, it just needs a worked proxy server which would be always down. Iris would also need a Spire as framework, but rather than a proxy service, it’s a full fledged standalone iOS device personal assistant service, and of course more stable.

Iris could only be used on jailbroken devices with Spire or other tweak installed. For iOS 5.1 and higher firmwares, you can use Spite, as Spire does not support iOS 5.1. I was using Spire on iOS 5.0.1 iPhone 4 in the review. And what funny is, you can see from my screenshot, she even called herself "Iris" but not "Siri" any more after you activated it.

Iris can make phone calls, send text messages, play music, check traffic conditions, display images, create reminders, check the weather, set an alarm, give the time, set the timer, check your calendar, create notes, provide definitions, do a Web search, return Yelp searches, and answer just about any who, what, where, and when question you can think of and even solve math problems and more just by asking!

I have tested almost all the features that the developer promised, and Iris appears very easy to finish all the commands on the list. It can do most of the things that Siri can do on the iPhone 4S, and Iris can quote the powerful Wolfram Alpha data as well. Even when I ask her the classic question, "what’s the meaning of life?", it would feedback as 42 from Wolfram Alpha. Kinds of smart, isn’t it.

Just you have to ask in the specific formal, otherwise, it could indeed recognize your words, but can’t give a valuable respond. The developer said they only include thoroughly tested functions and features in Iris and update them and add more on a regular ongoing basis. And they have provided a list of commands on your iPhone, so you don’t need to memorize dozens of commands. That’s sweet.

You can purchase the Iris service on its official website.  It’s easy to activate Iris. After payment, you will receive a host URL and a Security Certificate link. Just fill the host URL to the Spire or Spite Proxy setting and install the Security Certificate, Iris would be activated.

Anyway it’s a legal, stable, and powerful enough voice assistant (definitely not just a proxy) - that could be an amazing extending for non-iPhone 4S devices already. Worthy to purchase one.


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