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Here are the best jailbreak collection for the past week. The developers should be on vacation in the last week, however the tweaks still turned out very sweet.

1. Unlock iOS 5.1+ - $0.99

You’ve probably never seen the iOS Emojis displayed in the screenshots above – this is because they are only available in iOS 5.1+ or Mac OS X Lion+ and Apple never gave us access to them (what else is new?). The additional Emojis play nicely with the Emojis you already have access to, however anyone on iOS 5.0.1 or older or using Mac OS X Snow Leopard or older will not be able to see these Emojis if you use them, so you will have to be selective to whom you send them to. If you want access to these additional Emojis, you can gain access to them by downloading a new paid jailbreak tweak dubbed Emoji2 for iOS 5.1+.

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2. BannerDisable - FREE

If you have trouble sleeping at night because of the seemingly infinite stream of text messages you get, or you get in trouble at work for looking at your phone’s notifications, then perhaps you need a way to hold all of those notifications back until you are completely ready to view them. A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed BannerDisable by iOS developer Ron Melkhior is now available in Cydia and you can use it to keep most notifications at a standstill.

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3. Download Reminder - FREE

Do you ever feel that rush of excitement when you start downloading an application that you really want from the App Store? It can be very mind-numbing to watch that little blue bar fill up – especially when the application is large and takes a while to download. Now, instead of simply watching and waiting, you can be alerted when your applications finish downloading and installing. The tweak is called Download Reminder, by iOS developer greensnow, and you can download it for free from Cydia today.

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4. SpotLock - FREE

For many iOS device users, broken buttons cause a lot of issues. It can be even worse when your power button ends up busted and you have trouble putting your device to sleep and locking it. A new free jailbreak tweak dubbed SpotLock by iOS developer Lays will allow you to put your iOS device into sleep mode and lock it by simply swiping over to SpotLight. SpotLock offers a neat little modification even for those with perfectly functional buttons.

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5. ChargingBackground - FREE

iOS blacks out the wallpaper as soon as you put your iPhone or iPad on charging. This is meant to be a feature that lets users distinguish between the charging and normal states at a glance. It might be a bit useful for some users, but most people might argue that the green battery icon is more than enough to alert you that your device is currently being charged. Also, the darkening of the background doesn’t look too good aesthetically, and that is precisely why ChargingBackground has been released in the Cydia store. If you have got this tweak installed on your jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, the lockscreen wallpaper will always remain visible, even when you put the device on charging.

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6. Lucid Player

When you are getting sleepy at night and want to listen to some tunes to help you get to sleep, it can be frustrating to live with the fact that the iPod will just keep on playing all night long as you sleep if you end up dozing off. iOS developer Jay Deuskar has come up with a beautiful solution to those that want to listen to music at night and keep their iPod from playing all night long. The application is called Lucid Player and you can find it in the App Store for just 99¢.

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