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The Shadow Sun was first revealed two years ago.  It's been a long time coming, but more than two and a half years later and we finally have some new images and details on this upcoming action RPG.

The premise for The Shadow Sun is intriguing. Aliens have messed with the sun for some reason, and now there is a shadow slowly making its way across the sun's face. As darkness is cast across the land horrible Lovecraftian enemies appear to wreak havoc, but there is one place that's still safe: the city of Shar. Its massive walls and defenses have protected it for centuries, but now a plague has broken out and threatens to finally bring the city down from within its own confines.

It'll be up to you to explore the world of The Shadow Sun and get to the bottom of why aliens are messing with the sun and what has brought on the plague that could topple the mighty city of Shar. It's a single-player affair, which the developers peg at around 10-15 hours long. Combat is in real-time, and there's more than 30 skills you can develop for your character to suit your style. You can also team up with one of four companions on your adventure, who each have their own personalities and attributes.

Ossian Studios has admitted they never meant for development to drag on for this long. However, with Ossian having their hands in such franchises as Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate II, and The Witcher over the years, it worth to be expected. The Shadow Sun to finally, finally release at some point this summer. We will keep you updated.


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