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Motorcycle racing is always the most challenging game in my opinion, especially you are challenging a game with excellent physics. I still remember the days when I played such games from 16-bit devices to Gameboy, and now on my iPhone, the graphic and physics effects have become better and better. Now Rock(s) Rider by ECA-GAMES seems to take a great leap forward on motorcycle racing games.

Rock(s) Rider based on Unity 3.5 engine, offers over 60 challenges, 40 achievements, plenty of levels. And it keeps a classic arcade style. Racings take place in warehouse. You have to deal with aplenty ramps and loops, lots of opportunities to wreck, and you need lots of skill to clear without wiping out. The motorbike is only a start, then you can ride a three-wheeler, in extras mode - that will extremely drive you to high!

At the end of each warehouse, there is a boss waiting for you. Unlike little levels you just go through everything, you have to face it side-by-side. You will be rewarded with money for landing tricks at the end of the level. You can use this money to purchase new skins and clothes - they are kinds like your equipment.

The game comes with completely metallic graphics and music, even its menus are in 3D style. The Unity 3.5 engine makes the graphics gorgeous enough. Shadowgun and Rochard are based on the same engine. The physics look really realistic, you have to challenge it yourself to feel it.

You can either use the accelerometer or the on-screen controls to pull back or push forward.  You can adjust the controls to your liking in the options menu. There are nine variations of controls to choose from. As usual, I prefer the touch screen control. With the accelerometer you can adjust the sensitivity, but I am just not good at it.

Overall speaking, it's a great motorcycle racing game, I haven't seen such a great work after Riptide GP, just Riptide GP takes place in the water. You will have a very high time in the game, really a "ROCK" experience!

Graphics: 10/10

Unity 3.5 engine powered, every screenshot is amazingly beautiful

Sound&Music: 10/10

Metallic rock sound track and music, and exciting effect, couldn’t be better

GamePlay: 9/10

Excellent physical performance, just accelerometer a little bit hard to adjust

Ease of Play: 8/10

Classic arcade style, easy to start

Lasting Appeal: 8/10

You would like to challenge it several times, believe me

Overall: 9/10

A great motorcycle game, over 60 challenges, 40 achievements, plenty of levels.


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