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1. PasswordPilot Pro - $1.99

PasswordPilot Pro is a cydia tweak for solution’s to improve your user experience when you need to enter your AppleID password: everyone wants to keep their account secure, so we need a secure password when dealing with our account. At the same time though, it’s sometime a pain to type that long password, especially when we just want to try out a free app or we’re updating our existing apps.

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2. PaperLock - $2.99

Just last week we showed you an awesome new jailbreak tweak dubbed Unlockize that brought more unlocking animations to iOS. This week, we are bombarded with even more unlock animation options to choose from with a new jailbreak tweak dubbed PaperLock by iOS developer Apocolipse. Some of the graphics have been created by graphic designer, Surenix. PaperLock brings a few new paper-like animations that Unlockize doesn't include. Examples of the animations are displayed in the screenshot set above.

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3. EasyMeasure - $0.99

A lot of times, it’s just hard to judge exactly how far away you are from certain objects. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use your iPhone’s camera to measure the distance between your iPhone and the object you are pointing the camera at? A new application has surfaced in Cydia dubbed EasyMeasure by iOS developer cujo30227 that can use mathematical algorithms to accurately measure the distance between your iPhone’s camera lens and the object you are pointing it at. EasyMeasure also works with the iPad and iPod touch.

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4. Web Background Video Playback - $0.99

Web Background Video Playback is a relatively new tweak by iOS developer Steven Troughton-Smith. The aim of the tweak is to allow video content to continue playing in Safari while it is running in the background. This is especially helpful when you’re listening to video content, and seeing the video isn’t necessary; for example, when watching a music video, podcast, etc.

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5. PersistentAssistant - FREE

If you like using Siri for hands-free use of your iPhone, especially when driving, then you might be a little annoyed when you have to actually use your hands to control her. After you invoke Siri (holding down the home button) and ask your first question, you will have to tap on the microphone once more to ask your next question. Luckily, iOS developer Bradley Friedman has fixed this issue by making Siri listen to you, without the need to use your hands to operate Siri, with a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed PersistentAssistant.

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6. RapidLinks - FREE

If there’s one thing that would make a great add-on for iOS, it would be the ability to get to your favorite Web sites very quickly and easily without having to load up Mobile Safari and typing in your Web address or looking through your bookmarks to find the Web site you want. Luckily, a new free jailbreak tweak dubbed RapidLinks by iOS developer ravirajm will let you bring up an interface of your favorite Web sites using an Activator action. You can even choose between a gray or a black interface.

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