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10. NewZombieRevenge

Something like Angry Birds, yet you are using zombies but not birds! Beware the graphics look a little bloody!


 A talent scientist be killed by the evil organization when he successfully developed a kind of biochemical agent.
 In the sea of flames, the scientist rebirth as a zombie, there is only one thing in his mind: "Revenge"!

 Game operation:
 Use the slingshot to lunch the zombies,kill all the members of the evil organization.

 Game features:
 1. three type scenes and 30 levels for each type.
 2. High freedom.Player can arrange zombie quantity and type for each level.
 3. Each zombie have unique skill and super skill.
 4. Player can use super skill when have enough energy.
 5. There are some hidden factors, when you find them, you can unlock some secrets!


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