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Physical game is the game which strictly according to the physical law of movement, reflecting the gravity, gravitation, reaction force, acceleration and other physical characteristics. Based on the physical engine and different kinds of clearance methods, Physical games have attracted many players. Here, we will show you top 5 classic Physical Games. Read on and find out your favorite to challenge your intelligence in spare time.

Angry Birds Stella

Angry Birds Stella is a lot like any other Angry Birds title. You will control fling birds at towers that contain evil pigs, and watch as they fall to their death. With new birds though, come new abilities. Stella can be thrown in the conventional manner but mid-flight, you can also cause her to go in a different direction. This enables her to bounce around corners which can prove to be pretty destructive at the right moment.


Also, you need to unlock new birds too. One comes with a sonic blast style move, while another can smash down through things with a kind of tornado attack. In each case, Rovio has done the usual job of introducing such abilities well, so that you know exactly what's expected of you.


How many birds you have at your disposal each level is dependent on how many stars you've previously earned, meaning you want to keep pretty consistent for the best chance of success. Angry Birds Stella has improved upon how it highlights how many stars you've earned and how far you've got to get to the next one, ensuring this is a good system.


Game Features

• THE FIERCE FLOCK - Play as six fearless birds who are fighting to save Golden Island

• SUPERPOWERS - Tap and hold to aim, release to unleash the destruction

• 120+ STORY LEVELS - Fun and addictive gameplay in the treetops of Golden Island

• A VERY BAD BIRD - Gale, aka Bad Princess, will do anything to find the Golden Egg

• STELLA'S SCRAPBOOK - Collect cool pics of wacky outfits to use in the game

• LUSH GRAPHICS - Enjoy vivid visuals that put the "gold" in Golden Island

• TELEPODS - Scan 'em to bring extra-special birds into your slingshot

Download Angry Birds Stella Here:

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