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Oddwings Escape is a new genre blending flying game released on App Store recently. The game hits 1 million App Store downloads in just six days. What's the charm of this game? I'll show you below:

In Oddwings Escape, you play as a bird flying through a variety of beautiful scenes. During the fly you have to collect hearts and coins, avoid bombs, get as far as you can, and finally crash into the ground.

Sounds easy, right? But there are lots of features here to keep things interesting. You'll meet lots of different levels in game, some of which offer challenges, others which offer straightforward "get as far as you can" auto-running.

Oddwings Escape Screenshot

The challenge levels require keys to unlock. After you unlock these levels, you'll find lots of interesting things to do, such as pop balloons, avoid bombs, and complete other tasks that keep things interesting. As you earn coins and upgrade your avian, you'll find it getting better. What's more, with special keys you can also unlock new birds with extra abilities.

Oddwings Escape Screenshot

The social stuff in Oddwings Escape is also an excellent job that I want to mention. Every time you play you'll see the ghosts of your Game Center friends, which is actually pretty helpful in finding the best path through the levels. There's also a race mode that pits you against 9 strangers to win trophies.

Oddwings Escape Screenshot

However, it's impossible to keep playing this game without a rest. There is an energy system in game, restricting how many times you can play in a row. In my opinion the energy system runs out a little too quickly and takes a little too long to recharge, which means you'll often find yourself wanting to play more, but without that choice open to you.

In a word, the game does several things incredibly well, and for most part the game looks and feels awesome. But unfortunately it chokes a bit on some of the free-to-play stuff. Just try not to be too infuriated by its attempts to make you pay up so often.

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