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There are tons of 3D games in App Store, but Fantasy Farm is a very cute one which is worth playing with kids or your girlfriend. Set in a fictional background, the game depicts a story in which our humans are responsible for rescuing the rare fairies living on the Fantasy Planet. Due to the destruction of Fantasy Planet, these rare fairies are facing the danger of being extinct. Having come to our earth by UFO, they grant you the responsibilities and honors to take care of them! Sounds playful, isn't it? So you cannot miss it out!

It is certain that you will never be tired of a social life, especially in Fantasy Farm. In the game, you are allowed to find and invite online friends, learn skills to foster fairies, and do much more things. The most interesting part is that you can play tricks on your friends'fairies and even steal some from your friends'places!  Actually the social network is not that friendly but very competitive, that's what I love most about this cute 3D game.

Furthermore, the game offers plenty of tools and decorations to help you build a wonderful farm. Indeed, Fantasy Farm is a good game, letting you learn how to look after other people, because if you want to create a strong and dream farm, you need to take good care of your plants, animals, minerals, guardians and four fairy tribes.

Game Ratings:

The game has pretty cool graphics, but not the best 3D graphic I've ever seen, so the game interface and graphics can be more exquisite.


Maybe the developer pay too much attention on the contents, I just can't find the sound and background music setting, and can't hear any of them, I hope next update version can have some cute music or sound.

GamePlay: 9/10
I love this game, it is worth playing for a very long time, and there are many players online so you would not feel lonely and bored, and you're busy all the time to breed these cute things.

Ease of Play;8/10
That's another good thing about this game, the game is cute but it's not that easy to know how to use these tools and decorations, so the trial mode and the very beginning of the game will tech you all the stuff you need to learn, very thoughtful.

Smoothness 7/10
Fantasy Farm is not a big game, and thanks to the 3D engine, the game runs very smoothly, however, when I used my account into the game for the first time, unexpectedly I got stuck in the farm and couldn't do anything until I signed up for another new account, that's not a happy experience for me. I hope the developers can fix this bug in the next version.




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