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TibiaME MMO is a classic mobile exclusively 2D MMO since 2003. It showed up firstly on Nokia platform devices, and now owns approximately 50,000 active players. The iOS TibiaME client has now updated to version 2.10, MMO players must have a play.

TibiaME MMO consists of 67 islands, with 16 levels each. The islands exhibit a variety of different terrain types, such as forest, dungeons, ice, and "undead." There are over 300 Collect & trade items to choose, and 200 more different monsters. To keep the game fresh, the developer keeps releasing updates, 12 small that alter various game details, and 2 large, bringing new features and notable enhancements, and 14 new maps per year. That’s why it keeps 50,000 players I guess.

However after all the years, the developer still insists on its classic 2D graphics, just to offer the best 2D RPG experience. The first game package you get from the App Store only on a size as 31.4 MB, it will only reload necessary data after you select your character and the world to start. The map is really vast, but it loads very smooth during the game. So there is a huge world to explore in the game, it will take you quite some time to get through, not to mention there are over 200 challenging quests and variety of monsters.

The islands of the world are peopled by other online players and a host of enemy characters that range from squirrels to demons – there are tens of them. The iPhone client was first launched in  2010, and the user interface and the fight sequence animations have been added to the mix. The in-game music and sound effects can be remarkable in the 2D experience, but of course could be better.

You can control the movement with touch screen or virtual joystick, I personally prefer touch screen. It’s not a game with intense and rapid rhythm, and I am quite enjoy the adventure in a relax experience.

TibiaME MMO follows the "freemium" price model. The base release can be downloaded free of charge, you can purchase value-added services in the game, like an insurance to avoid EP loss when the character is killed unfortunately.

Overall speaking, TibiaME MMO is not a gorgeous work, but definitely a classic and must-play MMO game.

Graphics: 8/10

Classic 2D graphics, not gorgeous one, simple but cute, and it has been showing an excellent 2D world. 

Sound&Music: 6/10

Could be better.

GamePlay: 9/10

The touch control is smooth

Ease of Play: 9/10

Very easy to start, but how far can you go?

Lasting Appleal: 8/10

It is really a vast world to explore

Multi-player: 9/10

50,000 active players explain everything.

Overall: 8/10

Definitely a classic and must-play MMO game



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