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Chillingo's new Zombie title, this zombie is speicial though, Zombie Fish Tank, another competent, level-based arcade action game with a three-star rating system is now available on Pandaapp. Its hook is a "devouring" mechanic. In the game, you play as a ghoulish fish and are tasked with eating other freakish fish.

The game size is larger than 200 MB, so fast download would cost you one gold. You can check out our giveaway page to win some free gold if necessary.

Zombie Fish Tank Zombie Fish Tank
Scientists took away your love, your freedom, and after many experiments, your life. Back from the dead with a taste for revenge, snack your way up the food chain, taking on the laboratory’s terrifying creations and monstrosities.

"This game is loads of fun to play and the fact that you can collect zombie fish makes it even better. The joystick controls are poor at responsiveness so, you are stuck with tilt controls on the iPad. If you like collecting fish and enjoy a casual arcade game every once in a while, you’ll love Zombie Fish Tank." --- Appadvice 4.5/5

"This is a weird title. For one, I would not have thought that fish collecting would be a genre in mobile games. But it seems like the amazing success of Ridiculous Fishing is already starting to spawn a school of like-minded titles. Chillingo’s Zombie Fish Tank would seem to be one of those games, only with, you know.. zombies. This wacky game is full of arcade-like action and plenty of aquatic critters to add to your growing collection... This is a pretty casual game and it was more fun than I thought it would be. I love the absurdity of a game dedicated to collecting zombie fish. The controls are a bit of an issue and it’s not as feverishly addictive as something like Ridiculous Fishing, but I found myself coming back to this little title for more than a few rounds." --- Arcadesushi 7.5/10

"Having to jump through hoops to reset the tilt controls is a bit of a pain, but aside from that Zombie Fish Tank does a fantastic job of bringing an old genre back from the dead. The core mechanics are plenty of fun in their own right, and there’s plenty of bonus content and additional levels to keep players occupied." --- 148apps 4/5

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